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Introducing My Season Bracelets

A wearable reference guide in your own season's colour palette

I love my new spring bracelet - it's made shopping so much easier. I can discreetly pan over rails to find my perfect colour matches!

Alison, Sonning Common

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The Story of My Season

My name is Karen Russell and as a jewellery designer, I have always been intrigued by colours and the tricks they play on one another. 


My Season was launched in 2020 after having my own colours analysed. Walking away, spring palette swatch in hand, I couldn't wait to get home to 'spring clean' my wardrobe and make space for some new purchases.

I like to travel light so don't always carry a handbag and keep credit cards in my mobile case. This got me thinking, how can I always have my colour palette with me should an unexpected shopping opportunity arise? That was the moment the idea for 'my season' bracelets was born.


Now you can  have your colours on hand, not only as a wearable reference guide, but also a stylish piece of jewellery in your own season's palette. 

What a fab idea! I find shopping a bit of a chore so my new summer bracelet has made decision making a breeze plus it looks and feels great on.

Nic, Wimbledon

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